Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review(Mini): Phantom by Christopher Pike

Phantom (The Last Vampire, #4)

What just happened.....

I feel like I just went through so much in this book that I can't even keep it all straight!

At the end of the last book we find Sita NOT a vampire anymore (which was nuts), so where are we going from there you might ask? Well, she's pregnant! At which point she has the fast gestational period of any myth, creature or person I have ever seen in a book. Oh, and BTW Ray, not dead, but I was really happy about that because I was so sad when we thought we lost him!

Now, the other side to this is guess who's back? That right Mr. Creator-who-is-only-a-hand. That is definitely on the creepy side of things, especially when it talks about the hand sewing itself and all that nonsense. I don't know how much further I'm going to read this series but this almost felt like a filler book. We needed a story line to move the series forward and maybe get to something huge in the next one...kinda like a Doctor Who episode. BUT as all Whovians know, there is always that big ending coming after we see some crazy monsters so I'm hoping for better things in the future for Sita! -My Opinion-Borrow it

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