Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review(Mini): Creatures of Forever by Christopher Pike

Creatures of Forever

I....I um....

I'm kind of at a loss for words.

I felt like this book took a hard left turn somewhere between the end of the previous book and this one, and never came back. 

This was way more sci-fi than any of the others and I had this horrible feeling like the whole 6 book series was nothing but a dream within a dream scenario. I wasn't sure where we were, what time period we were in or who was who at any point throughout the whole thing. Then I was completely disappointed by how we got our happily ever after. It just wasn't natural, if that's the word I really want to use. We worked through so many huge scenarios and we get a white guerrilla? 

I was really disappointed, just in general, I really enjoyed this up to now and had high hopes for a finale.

I didn't get it and that was really sad :(  -My Opinion-Bypass

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