Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review: The Collector by Victoria Scott

 The Collector (Dante Walker, #1)

Who doesn't like to see a bad boy squirm?

I know I do, and this is the perfect book to find it. Dante is your typical "spawn of hell" kind of guy, the one who is all bad-ass and mischief. He loves his job collecting all the naughty souls in the world, thinking life can't get any better or more entertaining. He is cocky, and he knows it, until he meets Charlie. Just another bad soul to collect turns into something he never expected.

Despite being an arrogant person and some use of slang that just annoyed me a little bit, I actually liked him as a character. He had a lot of depth to him, and eventually becomes a reformed-bad guy (or at least partially reformed). The shining star for me, however, was Charlie. She was fun, carefree and didn't try to be anybody but herself. She is strong enough that her personality never got in the way of me liking her but innocent enough that she got through to Dante. I applaud the main female character not being the typical gorgeous cheerleader type, going more towards the nerdy girl. I felt like Charlie Cooper was just like me, nerdy, ugly but not hating life. Overall this book was fun with a really intriguing love story, and that's what I think makes it worth reading, it's different! -My Opinion-Buy it!

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