Monday, September 23, 2013

Review: Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr

I didn't think it was possible to like a book more than Wicked Lovely, until I read Ink Exchange. It was even darker and more involved in the faerie world than the first, which was AWESOME. We met more characters in depth in this one, that I loved, like Leslie, Irial and Niall. Those, along with learning more about the faerie court, was what made me fly through this story.

First, I must talk about Niall


I'm in love.

He was a seedy past with a lot of horrible things but the way he loves Leslie is just touching, and the way he fights for what he believes in is even more incredible. Also the way he and Seth bond is really great to hear. Considering all the other faeries detest humans, the way he will protect Seth is intriguing.

One can not talk about Niall without talking about Irial. He surprised me the most in this story. He is the King of the Dark Court, but I don't consider him to be "villainess". Sure, he has done some pretty nasty things both in this book and in his past (i.e. murder, trapping Keenan's powers, and the ink exchanges) but he did those things for the good of his people and only when times were really rough for them. I think between Irial and Niall, the point is you can't help WHAT you are but you can try to your best with what you got.

I think the only downside to this book was Leslie. Don't get me wrong I liked her, but she kinda gets drowned out by the other two. Plus, you get to know the Hunt, the summer girls and all the other faeries more, which leaves Leslie as sort of a pawn in their bigger game, but she isn't a distraction.

I really recommend reading Wicked Lovely just so you can read this book, if for no other reason!  -My Opinion- Buy it!

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