Monday, September 23, 2013

Review: Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr

I'm not entirely sure Melissa Marr could do any wrong in my eyes in this series. This one was so much better than the last, and even then I still loved book 3, but this one introduced new characters, defined the old and brought a whole new round of action-packed fight scenes. I thought we might be in trouble when we had a new narrator, but I really loved getting a fresh perspective on a fight that we knew was coming. Plus, Ani was an amazing character. She was fun, flirty and a lot of bad girl in her and it was an awesome changed from the dark and broody of the last book. There's still a lot going on that is life or death and very serious but she was still all sorts of teenage angst.

There was certainly no lack of our old and favorite characters in this story. You can tell there is a build up to war among the fae and that cliff hanger? YOUR KILLING ME. My only issue with this book was Ash. You gave up that easily on Seth? Come on girl this is true love, get your stuff together! I know he said he was leaving and you can't find him, but you don't find it strange that no fairy can find him? All these things they can do and things they know, all the gossip...and they know nothing? Your smarter than that! Your also smarter than falling for Keenan's BS. That's exactly what it is too, I still can't stand him!

Really excited to read the last one! - My Opinion- Buy it!

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