Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review: Sever by Lauren Destefano

I feel like I can sum up this book in one sentence:

Take everything you knew about the series, scrunch it up into a ball and throw it out the window.

We question EVERYTHING in this book. From whether or not there is a cure, to how loyal Rhine is to whom and everything we though we knew about her past, they all in some way or another get another spin in a completely different direction. However, the most beautiful thing about this book was it kept everything new and fresh but tied everything in the series in a nice bow. In other words, it actually felt like an ending to a series, not a bunch of open-ended lingering plot points that could end up being a story down the line, which was so nice to see.

We got new characters in this story and we see some old characters return. The fight these characters take on is still the major story, and yes the love stories are still swoon-worthy, even with all the death, despair and intensity that goes along with the world we are reading. The Chemical Garden series is still an edgy, gritty and dark story where you don't get a lot of Happily Ever After, but the conclusion to this series was just beautiful. I wish there were more coming, but I'm happy with what we got! -My Opinion- Buy it!

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