Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson


This was really a remarkable book. It was so raw and dark that it was so hard not to feel for Melinda. Although at points it was hard to tell exactly what had happened over the summer, eventually everything gets ironed out so that you understood what she was going through and how horribly everyone was handling it. I thought it was a real eye opener to exactly what kids go through in high school, mostly because I can see this happening to someone. That is a sad but very true sentence.

I obviously had some strong emotions towards different characters. I felt horribly for Melinda and wanted to punch most of her former friends because I can't see how anyone would treat another person like that. Plus her parents didn't help AT ALL. You'd think they'd do something, but they didn't. I think the reason this book is so popular is because it pulls these emotions right out of you and that isn't something easily done. I would recommend this book to anybody I know simply because it is beautifully written and something anyone can really understand.- My Opinion- Buy it!

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