Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review: Fest of Fools by Rachel Caine


Back to the amazing characters and their relationships with each other, like we did in the first couple books.



That is not going to end well.....for anyone!

We really threw some AMAZING wrenches in this one in terms of plot. Maybe I should have seen this coming, but I did not expect Claire's family to just move here and can COMPLETELY understand her paranoia in them coming. How can she be calm when they are going to live in this crazy town? Like Claire needs any more stress, she already has to deal with them not liking Shane from a distance, now from down the street? Oh, and of course all that vampire drama...pfft no big deal.

I saw Claire grow up a little in this book. She went from young teenager to older teenager in a good way. I felt she sounded different than the previous books and really matured, not that anybody in the story noticed! -My Opinion- Buy it

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