Friday, September 27, 2013

Review(Mini): Incendiary by Amy A. Bartol

 Incendiary (The Premonition, #4)

Let me just say that Brennus creeps me out. A LOT. An undead faerie? Seriously? Just really creepy. On top of the undeadness, he is supper stalkerish when it comes to Evie. She doesn't need another man damn it! Definitely not someone like Brennus, so I really don't understand that she almost invites it in....but I get it.

She is compassionate. She is the epitome of a good person (angel/whatever) and she cares about people. That's great, it really is but to sacrifice something for Brennus just seemed wrong to me. I like sacrifices to be involved with people I seem as redeeming, and I can't see it in this case. Good to a fault, I get it, and I do love Evie. I think she is an awesome character and a heroine I can really get behind, but sometimes those characters do things that make you go "why?!?!?" and this was one of them! -My Opinion-Buy it!

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