Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review(Mini): Evil Thirst by Christopher Pike

Evil Thirst (The Last Vampire, #5)

This series has literally taken me down every dark path you can imagine and turned around at the end just to go someplace different.....and that's kind of amazing. It is really an astonishing thing to accomplish if I'm being honest, because you would think you'd either lose interest or have a story line that just didn't work. I haven't had to deal with either of those so far. 

In this one Sita has to face the facts that her daughter is evil, and she may have to destroy her. I felt awful for her for the majority of this book. How could you choose either? Save the world or save your daughter? I'm not a mom but I can imagine what would go through ones head at even the thought of some sort of harm coming to your daughter....and you have to do the harming? Yikes. I really liked how the story keeps changing and we get new fresh material in every book so I'm looking forward to what's next.- My Opinion-Borrow it

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