Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review(Mini): Vampire Love Story by H.T. Night

 Vampire Love Story (Vampire Love Story, #1)

Well, I can't say I have ever read a story about an MMA fighter that fell in love with not one but TWO vampires because he saved one from being hurt by five people before.....

This was an interesting read, first because I've only ever read two books from the same series about a guy who is a fighter (and I LOVED that series). Secondly because the love triangle is flipped on it's head seeing as the guy is falling in love with two girls. Not that I like it any better. I still am and will always be an advocate of the single love interested not the triangle. Sorry. It is what it is.

Putting aside my clear prejudice, I did enjoy some of this story. I liked the main characters, thought wanted a little more from all of them including back story and more development. I also believed the romance so it wasn't too bad. I think my main problem was I just needed more story, it just wasn't enough. I thought it was a good start, just needed more to it! -My Opinion-Borrow it

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