Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: Second Chances by Jo Briggs

Second Chances: Complete Series

I'm a bit torn about how to review this book. I just finished about 10 minutes ago and to be quite honest, I was very satisfied with how the book ended and how everything played out. The devil on my other shoulder is complaining about several other things that don't necessarily make a book bad, in fact this one entertained my interests on every page. I was invested in the lives of both main characters, Evan and Layla, and where their relationship was going. I felt their love for each other reverberating off my nook as I read it and the decisions that they made moving their lives forward seemed appropriate. They go through their struggles and have moments of passion that were truly palpable. I think my problem came from their situations outside their love.

When it came down to it, these people were a bunch of spoiled brats. They all had obscene amounts of money from childhood and you could tell they just threw money at everything to solve problems. They slept with whoever they wanted, never used protection (everyone had a kid with a girlfriend or boyfriend), their kids spent more time with nannies than they did with their own parents and all they jetted across the world on whims. I didn't believe these characters had a normal bone in their body. I don't have a problem with rich or high society characters but for this story I wish they had come from a middle or lower class family simply because their trials and tribulations would have been something that enhanced the story. Even if I ignore the fact they all have money, once Layla came back to London her relationship with Evan hit very few bumps in the road. Let me see characters struggle and that love story would have shined right through. Overall, I thought it was a really touching story but I just felt it had the potential to be earth shattering if pushed a little further- My Opinion- Borrow it

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