Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: Mark of the Princess by B.C. Morin

 Mark of the Princess (The Kingdom Chronicles, #1)

So when you first read the plot blurb, your thinking- typical faerie princess kidnapped cuz she is all powerful but really just has no idea how to do anything but blow stuff up- right?


Yes, this is a tale of fae and I love me a good fae story, but this book was WAY more than just another predictable faerie tale. First of all, I loved Princess Alannah. She wasn't some stuck up, snobby, weak princess. SHE KICKED ASS. She never gave up even in the worst of times and she fought not for herself but for her people. I think there were multiple times that I would have thought she would say screw it and just leave all the hard stuff to someone else, but she didn't and I loved that!

Now, that's not to say being rescued wasn't a good thing for her and for me as a reader, because we got Brennus. All I have to say is.....damn. He can rescue me anytime he likes.

You could feel the sizzle of passion between these two even before they fell for each other. That being said I could not believe the ending!! Killing me, I tell you. These authors lately are trying to kill me!

I really would recommend this book to anyone, not just those who read fae. You'll be surprised at what you find! -My Opinion-Buy it!

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