Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: Night World #1 by L.J. Smith

Night World, No. 1 (Night World, #1-3)

I guess I should break down the stories in this omnibus considering they were really three distinct stories based in one world. I was kinda surprised by this....but that's my own fault for not reading the entire back of the book!!!

So here it goes:

Secret Vampire: This story tugged at my heart strings a little bit. You have Poppy who just wants to escape death from cancer who turns to her best friend James when it seems he has her way to survive. Of course James isn't just a friend he is a vampire and that is her ticket out. Interesting story line-in fact I'd call it original. Here's the problem I had....of course she is in love with him. Can't a friend just be a friend???? Does it always have to be a love story?? I just didn't feel anything between the two of them that screamed "happily ever after" or "meant to be". The story was great but the romance lacked luster.

Daughters of Darkness: This story was my favorite of the bunch. Three sisters trying to escape the Night World's oppressive rules for the women of the world. I was fascinated with this story because of those rules. For an entire world that considers itself above humanity and so much more advanced, it is terribly medieval about it's caste system. Women being pawned off in arranged marriages and following the orders of men regardless of power? PFFT. These three sisters could totally kick their ass, including their brother who comes to collect them. It did have a insta-love in the middle of it that had me cringing but I liked the characters and the story so that's why it was my favorite.

Spellbinder: I have to say this was my least favorite story. It was the typical good v evil, dark v light, etc etc. You have a good witch and a bad bitch (wait....haven't I heard this story before....) that get sent to live with their aunt. Of course the bad one makes lots and lots of trouble, including hinting that she's killed men, and the other one doesn't believe in hurting humans. They then fall for the same guy and the epic battle ensues. Alright, not EPIC but it's a struggle between the two. That's the kind of thing I'm talking about, I've read it before. I wanted something different from this one and I didn't get it.

As a whole the book was pretty good, in fact I paid about 6 bucks for it so it was great lol. Seriously though it may be worth it just because it does have three whole stories that were pretty good! -My Opinion-Borrow it!

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