Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review: Ethereal by Addison Moore

 Ethereal (Celestra, #1)


I have got to stop picking up angel books. They just don't suit me at all. I found myself really pushing myself HARD to finish reading this one. It really had nothing to do with the writing style or even the characers. In fact, I kinda liked Skyla she was the kind of character that didn't have her head in the clouds or in the sand when things got scary. She stood up for herself and didn't let things get more crazy than she could handle.

I just feel like every angel story I hear is the same thing. Angels in heaven, angels on Earth, everyone's mad and then there is one girl that connects everything and all hell breaks loose. I want something different! Is it just me or do angels just need to stop fighting with each other???? Everything has to be a war between two sects. I thought angels got along and were good??? Nope. Not ever. :sigh: If you like angel books you'll probably enjoy, they just aren't for me.-My Opinion-Bypass

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