Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: Enemy Within by Marcella Burnard

 Enemy Within (Enemy, #1)

What I liked most about this book where the characters. I thought the main female lead, Ari, was well developed and really had a lot of issues that needed to be worked. However, she is the strongest chick I've read about in a long time so she balanced herself out nicely. She went through so many things that most people would have just rolled over and probably died but she didn't and then she had to fight off those demons that followed her throughout the story. Plus, she gets some help from Cullin who was really a great match for her. He pushed her to her limits but in doing so helped her get over her issues. The romance may not have been as electric as I had hoped for but I totally bought into the pairing which is what saved them for me.

I am starting to think that sci-fi books aren't really my thing because I couldn't really get into all the alien terms and worlds within the story but I think that was just a personal thing not something the book didn't do well. In fact I thought it was fairly easy to understand the vernacular they speaking and what was going within the universe. It just wasn't for me, I should probably stick to sci-fi movies, not books, but I think if you like sci-fi, you'll really like this book. -My Opinion- Borrow it

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