Monday, May 13, 2013

Review: Kiera's Quest: Awakenings by Kristy Brown

Kiera's Quest: Awakenings  #1

Meet Kiera, a pretty, intelligent, and talented girl, brought up by her uncle, and abandoned
by her parents. Life is as normal as she believes it to be, apart from the deep ache inside her,
telling her she’s different. For years, Kiera had dreams where she ventures into a different
reality. She’s not alone; a presence is always there, keeping her safe, yet she feels vulnerable,
and hunted.

Zakk, Prince of Zantar, is under the Witch Queen’s spell as she tries to take over his world.
He crosses paths with Kiera, and their fates are entwined.

As their journey unravels, she learns that she is not the only one affected by this prince. Who
is on her side? Will she find out why she has been chosen? How can someone so young, defeat
such evil? Will she find the strength to save the ones closest to her? Will this be Kiera’s only


Kiera thought she had your typical teenage life, maybe with slightly more heartache added in than usual. However, in her current state living with her Uncle Tom, working in his toy store and having a close nit group of friends behind her, Kiera is happy, healthy and young....that is til she finds a mysterious plastic doll (that's right I said doll!) in her uncle's store and everything in her world is turned upside down.

The "doll" is actually a prince from a kingdom called Zantar, named Zakk. He has been turned into a doll by the Evil Witch who wants his kingdom for her own, and kills his whole family to get it. Now, she is tracking him down. She wants him dead before his 17th birthday and his father's ring, but she is also after Kiera...and this is were it gets a little fuzzy for me.

Why is Kiera involved in a land she doesn't know?

Why did the witch kill everyone but Zakk is a doll?

How does he end up in her toy story?

Why are all her friends from that kingdom too?

It's just a little confusing with so few answers. Also because of the dialogue switches in the middle of chapters, I had a hard time keeping everything straight. However, it was a different story, which I loved, and also had a fair amount of complex love story in it, which made the story better.

There is still so much more that I need to know from Kiera's story that it is hard for me to say whether or not you should read it, but if your into a new adventure with a colorful set of characters, I recommend checking it out!- My Opinion-Burrow

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