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Review + Blog Tour: PJ Stone Gates Trilogy by D.T. Dyllin

Book one of the P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy
New Adult Paranormal Romance  
299 pages  
For P.J. Stone, being a “Seer” who has never seen anything is less than fun. And P.J. isn’t known for her patience. To make matters worse, she must choose a suitable mate to continue the Seer bloodline. Duty always comes before her heart…at least that’s what her parents taught her. When she finds herself wanting someone who is considered off-limits, P.J. is forced to question everything she believes. As if navigating her love life isn’t complicated enough, P.J. finally receives a vision—of a threat to her world that only she can perceive. But no one will believe a fledgling Seer’s warnings. With nowhere else to turn, she may decide to trust a stranger with her life, her world, and maybe even her heart.


Aliens and Dragons and Gatekeepers....OH MY! I feel like I got my fairy tales stuck in my sci-fi and they had a baby that is named Hidden Gates. This story had every awesome element of both genres and really turned it up a notch with some really steamy romance and a whole lot of scheming. P.J. Stone is a seer, a member of a whole slew of races that protect Earth from being invaded by aliens. The problem is she has never actually had a vision....and she loves her best friend. Now the second doesn't seem like a problem, except her best friend Bryn is a guardian and they are not allowed to be together to the point that when her parent's find out about them Bryn is actually physically removed from the situation and sent to school somewhere unknown. She doesn't just have to deal with heart break, however, because she also has to deal with an alien invasion that only she seems to know about. We pick up several characters along the way that definetly make P.J.'s life a whole lot more complicated.

When I mean complicated, I'm dead serious. Take all those young adult books that have a love triangle and through it out the window because Hidden Gates has square going on. 3 different men that are all hard headed and swear to vie for her attention make P.J.'s head spin and for good reason! The moment's with Bryn were both romantic and touching but at the same time hot and steamy but at the same time you have Kohl, the sexy dragon lord, that make the pages burn up with lusty segments that both confused P.J. but even had me as a reader debating who's team I was on! Then you have Jeremy, who I felt never really got a chance at showing who he really was and what he could bring to the table. I loved all the characters in the book from these four to Jenna, P.J.'s best friend, and the other minor characters we meet along the way. They made this book shine from just a save the world story to another level.

That being said, we did go to some dark places in this book. Places like suicide and coercion that I didn't expect to have to deal with. As much as the rest of the book was a really interesting and fun ride, these scenes were sometimes hard to get through. I understand the idea of self sacrifice in the name of the better good is a common theme in most fantasy stories, but I don't think I have ever had a character do what P.J. did in Hidden Gates. I'll let you find out what happened in the book yourself but I felt the need to say something about some of the more serious things that occurred.  I liked the fact that the story wasn't all strawberries and roses, it made a grittier more fascinating story, but it was none the less darker than most at times.

We didn't get a whole lot accomplished on the alien front in this book, but I was alright with that because there was so much character development and back story to cover before we can get to some alien ass-kicking. I'm sure we will get there in the next book but for now I was satisfied with how it flowed and where we are going. The romance was sexy enough to balance the whole fantasy world going on around it and there were some really original things going on as well with dragons and powers and what not. What I enjoyed the most about Hidden Gates was the elements of fantasy and sci-fi mixing well with a current time piece and that is not an easy thing to do. Picture the Avengers movie, dropping aliens in the middle of NYC and you get a glimpse of what this book is all about and where it can take you.-My Opinion- Buy it!

Book two of the P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy
New Adult Paranormal Romance
241 pages
P.J. Stone is a Seer who saw too little, too late. In the past, her biggest worries were boys and school—but war has a way of changing things. Now, the alien Riders are trying to overrun the world. As the last of their kind, P.J. and her friends must find a way to save humanity before there’s nothing left to save. After choosing a mate, P.J. hoped she'd have time to enjoy her love life. But with everything changing so quickly and major secrets revealed, who knows what the future will bring?


Book three of the P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy
New Adult Paranormal Romance  

by D.T. Dyllin
Bryn is gone. Jenna isn’t…herself, and the world has been taken over by the alien Riders. The only constant in P.J.’s life is Khol. But even he might not be able to help her pick up the shattered pieces of her life.
P.J. finally gets the answers to all of her questions, but will she be able to handle the truth? And will she be strong enough to face her own destiny when the time comes?


About the Author
Cynical-Optimist. Chocolate-holic. Sarcasm Addict. Paranormal Believer. Self-Imposed Insomniac. Sci-Fi Geek. Animal Lover. Writer…are just a few words to describe D.T. Dyllin. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two very spoiled GSDs.

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