Sunday, December 30, 2012


Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and since that means 2013 is literally upon us, I wanted to take a moment to explain what this blog is going to look like in the coming year. I do have a plan of attack here when it comes to both reviews and just random topics. 

Let's start with reviews: I plan on doing both a Young Adult and an Adult review each week, so I've designated a day for each. Sunday is going to be the adult review day and Thursdays will be for Young Adult. I'm also adding a once a month review called, Wicked New Wednesday. This will be for a book that has been recently released, therefore current! Now, "current" can be defined in many ways, so let's just say it will be something from the last couple months, or something that seems to be on everyone's radar lately. In terms of HOW I am going to rate things from now, I've decided to adopt a BBP rating system. BBB standing for Buy, Borrow or Pass, of course these are my own opinions so I always encourage everyone to read a book on their before passing final judgement! I will also never trash anyone's  work, they are far more brilliant than I for even writing anything at all because I know I couldn't!

Along with reviews I have planed many different kinds of post. Everything from discussion on genres or trends to movies, pop culture and other bookish things. Personally I'm a huge fans of books that turn into movies and gatherings that involve everything nerdy so I would expect posts about things like that!

The final thing I am really excited about are the things involved with other blogs or social media. I've already posted about reading challenges and plan to update those here as I go along. I just signed on to do my first cover reveal with an author that will be coming in the next month!!!! Hopefully more of those will follow along with interviews, interacting with other blogs and much more, so everyone have a Happy, Healthy and Fun New Year and come back here to have a kick-ass bookish year on Bookmarks, Spoilers and Happily Ever After!!!!!!!!!!

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