Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review: The Mating

By: Nicky Charles

Summary:  Elise had no idea when she came home that day that she'd end up mated to a complete stranger. A new Alpha and the need for an alliance between packs have made her a pawn

Review:           Since that summary doesn't say much about what this book is about, I'll give a little more background information. Elise is thrown into an arranged mating with an Alpha from a boarding pack by her father to gain an alliance. Seems like something that is pretty harsh, but Elise doesn't seem to think her father cruel, which seems odd to me but werewolves sometimes don't make sense to me!!! Anyways, Elise has to find her ground in a brand new pack with complete strangers, get to know her new husband that she just met, and figure out how to assert her dominance as the alpha's mate....all while horrible things seem to be popping up among them including an environmental problem, a pack member being shot, and a ex-pack member coming back for revenge....or at least that's what it seems.
                 I'll start by saying, as much I enjoyed this book I couldn't ever shake a feeling of annoyance with Elise. I found her to be whiny and oblivious, although different than most of the female werewolves in other books, I'm not sure if it was in a good way. That being said, I loved almost everything else about this story. I loved the different characters, you got to know a lot about all the wolves in Elise's new pack and how their dynamic worked. Plus, I think I fell in love with Kane a little bit because he was a tough Alpha male that really loved and cared about his family. He may have been the typical non-sharing male about his feelings but he worked ridiculously hard to make sure his whole pack was safe and happy, I can tell why Elise falls in love with him....eventually
                  Bottom line? This book had a great love story mixed with some really interesting plot twist that you really don't see coming. It has enough werewolf aggressiveness to satisfy that brutal part of a pack life, but in the end they get their happily ever after!- My opinion- Borrow

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