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Review + Blog Tour: The Warlord's Concubine by J.E. & M. Keep

Mirella often wonders what her life would've been like had she been born a princess, rather than the property of one.

When a dark warlord from the north conquers her princess' kingdom, however, he has plans for the dainty young future-queen. It makes the question all the more poignant, because now, more is at stake than just her rough treatment, but love and lust as well.

As an indentured servant and handmaiden to the princess for much of her life, the middle-aged Mirella sees the conquest of the land as an opportunity to elevate herself. Though as she earns the trust of their conquerors, she finds her own nature challenged as well. A life of callous disregard has made her hard, but as she battles the princess' will for the first time and finds new allies and friends, does she have what it takes to win the love and favour of the brutal warlord? Will love and friendship be her downfall? Or will her station in life yet again be her undoing?

Caution: The Warlord's Concubine is a dark fantasy novel that contains explicit scenes, and a twisted romance between a handmaiden and a God.

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The Warlord's Concubine is a dark, seductive tale of an older handmaid named Mirella who is very good at surviving. When a strong enemy barrels into the kingdom and takes over, her talents will be put to the test. However, what starts as a plot to stay alive quickly escalates into a much deeper and personal ploy to not just win the approval but the heart of the new conqueror. While finding out about magic and treason, we see who who she really is.....and how far she is willing to go for her love.

This might be a first for me to write about a book that I was completely enthralled with but HATED the main character. Not is a development way but just that I felt Mirella wasn't a good person! She was well defined and consistent, as well as someone you found yourself really understanding at points seeing as she is a middle aged servant who you can see being a heroine at first. The second the shit hits the fan, however, she is plotting a way to save her own skin and damn anyone that get's in her way. She is stone cold and brutal right along side smart and cunning. That is a deadly combination. Her character is actually brilliance in word form, a diverse character with a motive to turn a story on it's head. 

Pretty much I loved the story but thought the character was a horrible human being, which really made it an intriguing read.  The fact is I spent the whole story not wanting to Mirella to get her way, but still drooling over every moment and what was going to happen next. It is sexy, dark and will give you more than one surprise in it's pages. I finished reading in about a day and a half, and I am not a terribly fast reader so it was really easy to jump into and get lost in. Great story telling mixed with fascinating adventures along the way make this book a must read for me- My Opinion- Buy it!

About the author:
J.E. and M. Keep have a passion for all things sci fi/fantasy, and a desire to see what characters do when others fade to black. They set out to explore the most sexual, titillating and sometimes terrifying encounters. The plots are contemporary, fantasy, or science fiction, but they all have one thing in common: they’re hot.
From dark and taboo smut to coming-of-ages lust, from twisted love stories to tragic tales of self-destructive needs, they explore the fact that not all ‘Ever Afters’ are happy, and not everyone’s idea of happy is the same.
Come explore the limits of erotica and discover new desires from the smutty minds of J.E. & M. Keep. They can be found on their website at

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