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Review: Blog Tour for I Know What You Read

 Book Name: I Know What You Read (novella) 
Genre: I Know What You Read - Erotica (bdsm)
Published Date: Jan 27, 2013

Ever wonder what some people might think if they knew what you read? Do you tuck that naughty novel inside a plain-Jane cover, or keep your e-reader turned at an angle so no one can see the dirty words? Jade always errs on the side of caution when it comes to sex. She’s never been risqué, but when she learns the thrill of reading erotica at work, things quickly change. She finds a note that says: I know what you read. Now she’s in trouble; someone has discovered her secret—and he wants to watch. It’s a blackmail scheme the likes of which she would have never imagined. Erotic stories are found on her desk with notes that say if she doesn’t sit there and read them, they will pop-up somewhere else in the office—with her name on them. She thinks she knows who is tormenting her; now all she has to do is get him to say, “I know what you read.”

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Review: When I first looked at the title of this book and then read the little blurb telling me what it was all about, I thought to myself, "Wow, that's exactly what I think when I read some of my smutty books!"

Then I remember I have a book blog and everybody in the world knows exactly what I read at any given moment on any day just by googling it......

None the less I would think that there are many readers out there that have that shelf of books that you wouldn't broadcast to everyone you know. I am not least bit ashamed of what I read and why, however sometimes there are things that you just don't want to have a conversation about.

An example? I had a conversation about Fifty Shades of Grey.....with my mother...she wanted to borrow it....

That kind of awkward exchange is where the basis of this story comes. What if someone found out that you read all those naughty stories out in the inter-webs and not only blackmailed you about it, but actually lived some of those fantasies out on you...but you have no idea who it is? This story was fun in a stalker kind of way.

And let me explain that sentence! Is it okay what happened in some of the scenes in this book? I think I have to say no because it was blackmail, and stalking....along with some breaking and entering. HOWEVER, I have to say that the fact that someone was taking her fantasies and making them pop right out of those unmentionable pages was HOT. I think that is what describes this whole book: hot. I can relate to the character, I can see it happening in real life and I'll be honest I wish it would happen in real life!!! I really enjoyed this story and I think that even the most conservative of readers wouldn't mind getting taken away by this one ;) - My Opinion- BUY!

About the author:

Keara is an Irish lass who loves to spin erotic tales, but the tale is the part she enjoys the most. She can be found on the sunny beaches of Florida, the lakeshores of Maine, or picking blackberries along the northern California pacific shore. Her works include:

Ain’t Even Done With The Night – Series – Book 1

Hold On To The Nights – Series – Book 2
The Ride
Best Night Ever
Best Night Ever II – Never Again
I Know What You Read
And coming soon: Because The Night – Series – Book 3

She loves to hear from her readers. You can contact her at Kearakevay@gmail.com, visit her blog at www.kearakevay.com

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/KKevay 
or Twitter -https://twitter.com/KearaKevay

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